Personal Training

Whether you’re starting on your fitness journey or you’re not seeing results with your exercise routine, you can benefit from personal training. This approach helps you reach your goals in the safest and most effective way possible.

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At Gainesville Wellness and Performance, we empower every client to become a healthier and stronger version of themselves. Our personal training in Gainesville is custom tailored to your body’s unique needs.

We provide you with all of the necessary tools and resources. Our qualified team of personal trainers is ready to guide, motivate, and support you in achieving complete health and wellness.

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Our personal trainers at Gainesville Wellness and Performance can help you:

Increase Accountability

It can be challenging to stick to a regular workout routine on your own. Working with a personal trainer increases your accountability, so you can be more consistent with your fitness goals.

Set Realistic Goals

No matter how large or small, having a goal is vital to your fitness journey. Our trainers help you set realistic, attainable goals and work with you to achieve them.

Your trainer will develop a plan based on your needs and abilities while assessing your progress at every stage. By knowing your short and long-term goals, you are more likely to successfully accomplish them.

Stay Motivated

Motivation for exercise is driven by your personal goals and desires, such as getting more toned or becoming physically and mentally healthier. Having a trainer by your side motivates and encourages you to keep working out.

Learn Proper Techniques

Personal training ensures that you learn the proper positioning and form, including the correct use of various equipment. Our trainers guide you in performing exercises that are most effective for your body. This allows you to achieve your results while avoiding injury.

Develop an Individualized Plan

All of us have a different level of fitness. Having an individualized training plan will guarantee you the best results.

Our personal trainers take your unique goals, experiences, body mechanics, and fitness level into account. Using these factors, they design a program that suits your specific needs to help you succeed.

Prevent Injuries

If you have a specific condition or injury, you may find some movements difficult or painful. Your personal trainer will modify your workouts so they are no longer painful. That way, you can enjoy all the health benefits of exercise without significant pain and risk of injury.

Meet our Coaches

Jason Anthony - Coach


Co-owner - Coach

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Jason Atkins-Tuffs - Coach


Co-owner - Coach

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Kody Wickes - Coach - Licensed Massage Therapist

Kody WickesNASM-CPT, LMT

Coach - Massage Therapist

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MacKenzie GWP

MacKenzie PowellPTA - Coach


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Let the professionals at Gainesville Wellness and Performance help build the best version of you. Get in touch with us for more information on our strength and conditioning programs. Book a session today.

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