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“GWP’s leadership has yielded great results for my health on many fronts. My bodyfat is down to single digits from the high teens. I lost over 21 lbs and have been able to maintain the weight loss for over 4 years without relying on discipline to do so. I remain strong, powerful and flexible.” - Jamie G

"I have been training with my GWP coach for five years and I have achieved a level of fitness I could have never imagined five years ago. I have left every training session feeling better physically and mentally than when I entered the gym. We work on nutrition, sleep, stress and more so I am getting complete wellness coaching along with training to keep me feeling energetic, positive and STRONG! " - Lori W

“I came to Gainesville Wellness and Performance seeking help after a knee injury. Thanks to their expertise I have completely changed the way I think about fitness and healthy living. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. The nutrition advice and planning is also great. I no longer obsess about food and find the plan is something I can easily incorporate into my daily life going forward” - Marian L