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When you have pain in any area of your body, it’s hard to enjoy life to the fullest. The good news is that many types of pain can be alleviated with physical therapy. With targeted strengthening and improved joint mobility, physical therapy helps you heal faster.

Being injured can be scary, let our expertise at GWP Physical Therapy help guide you to the fastest path to recovery and pain-free movement.

Recover from a sports injury

Physical therapy isn’t just for serious athletes, it’s for everyone. Personalized treatment accelerates your recovery so you can enjoy life again.

At GWP Physical Therapy we focus on one thing: the patient. You will be working with a licensed therapist for a full hour, one-on-one. This individualized approach gives you the tools needed to get better.


Feel Better After a Fall or Accident

Whether it’s an auto accident or just rolling your ankle in the parking lot, physical therapy can help you heal faster, reducing or avoiding the use of pain medications.


Combat the Signs of Aging

Pain and aging aren’t an inseparable duo. Physical therapy helps you optimize your health at any age.


Manage Chronic Conditions

From fibromyalgia to chronic back pain, arthritis, pelvic issues and even vertigo, we are here to help you live your best life.

We work one-on-one to provide an individualized course of treatment. That means we are with you at every step during your path of recovery.


Avoid Pain Medications

Instead of working through pain or numbing it with medications, try physical therapy as a more sustainable long-term solution to get you on your feet and moving pain free.


Did You Know?

Florida is a direct access state. This means you do not need a doctor’s referral for your first 30 days of treatment. Call us today at 352.275.9694


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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

By working with a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist you can trust that you are receiving the most current evidence-based treatment practices. For any pain with movement, the best place to start is a comprehensive evaluation and a personalized course of treatment.

Let GWP Physical Therapy help you recover from injury or surgery, treat joint pain and muscle strains, and avoid or reduce the use of pain medications.

Learn more about Orthopedic Physical Therapy

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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy addresses a wide variety of conditions affecting the systems and organs located in your abdominopelvic region. From hip and pelvic pain, urinary or bowel incontinence (which can affect men and women), to pre and postpartum support, pelvic health therapy brings you back to balance.

Learn more about Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

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Lauren GWP


Co-owner - Physical Therapist

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Mandy GWP


Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

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Dr Rachel Peck


Physical Therapist

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Megan Livingston

Megan LivingstonPTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Dr.Haley Sweeney

Dr. Haley SweeneyDPT, ATC, CSCS

Physical Therapist

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If you aren’t sure which type of therapy is right for you or have a condition affecting multiple areas of your body, simply contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help you reclaim your best health!

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“I tore my ACL playing soccer in February and was convinced that I would be permanently hobbled without surgery. Dr. Lauren Atkins is simply the best Physical Therapist around. She is current with the literature and helped me understand that I could regain strength, balance, and function through PT. A few months later, I have almost forgotten the severity of my injury and now train with MacKenzie and Jason at GWP to get back in shape. So thankful and eternally grateful to this crew!” – Andrew Martin

“So thankful for Lauren and MacKenzie for helping me heal from an injury sustained in a car accident. The entire staff was so warm and welcoming every time I walked in the door.” – Rebecca Tillman

“I was referred to Dr. Lauren Atkins to rehab an Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis. My initial phone call from Lauren was very productive, she asked me about my injury and my lifestyle. She was genuinely interested in my current and previous levels of activities. My first office visit I met with Lauren and MacKenzie Powell to go over my current status and put together a plan to get my injury healed and get me back to my normal activities. I am pretty athletic, running 15-20 miles per week, biking and crossfit. Since I waited so long to get help the plan was 6-8 weeks rehab once a week. My PTA MacKenzie Powell jumped right in to get me started on my recovery path. We met once a week, we did basic movement, stretching, and tissue work. After each visit she emailed me a recap of what we discussed as well as pdf’s of each movement I was to work on for the next week. As I progressed the exercises got a little more challenging.

I continued to work on the exercises she assigned me each week. About 5 weeks into rehab I started back to the gym. And now at the end of 9 weeks I am elated to be able to RUN again. Running is my passion, my go to full body workout.

MacKenzie was always responsive to my questions, and changes at each visit. She is very personable and I am beyond happy that Lauren matched us up – she was perfect for me. She understood my desire to recover as quickly and safely as possible.

I am so thankful for these 2 ladies, I would recommend them to everyone.” -Kim Cellon