Health is wealth. Get out of the diet rat race and let us transform you. At Gainesville Wellness and Performance, we use a practice-based approach to nutrition which allows you to build healthy habits, one step at a time, so that you can have the body of your dreams.

Nutrition Coaching

Our approach allows you to achieve your health and body composition goals without completely disrupting your already busy life. We tailor your program to meet your needs, preferences and lifestyle. This makes your experience low stress, high on results and sustainable long term.

By choosing to do nutrition coaching with us, you will lose weight, build strength and see your confidence soar. Best of all, you will get into great shape without doing anything drastic that you can’t sustain


“Mindful eating. Slow down. Sleep. Eat until I’m 80% full. Daily Lessons. Move. Breathe. Coaching support. Food choices. Weight loss. All part of the nutrition program offered at Gainesville Wellness and Performance. Combined with consistent personal training, living with multiple sclerosis has become just “living.” - Coleen C (lost 37 lbs)

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"Extremely grateful for the nutrition coaching I have received through my association with GWP! Practical, useful and sensible nutrition coaching that helps one develop better habits, health, and lasting results" - Joe L (lost 23 pounds)

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