Dr Rachel Peck

Dr. Rachel Peck

Physical Therapist

Rachel received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University, where she also worked in the anatomy lab, and her bachelor’s in Human Movement Science from Utah State University. She has experience in both pelvic health and orthopedics. She has treated people of all genders with a variety of issues ranging from bladder problems to constipation to hip pain,and she has a special passion for treating people with sexual pain and dysfunction. Rachel has obtained her CAPP-Pelvic, a certification of achievement from the American Physical Therapy Association for pelvic health which requires completion of rigorous coursework and research to receive.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys doing aerial silks, playing the clarinet, reading, and traveling with her husband.

Rachel firmly believes that all people deserve access to quality, equitable healthcare and is committed to providing excellent physical therapy to all of her patients. Using a combination of hands-on manual therapy, prescribed exercises, and pain-relieving modalities, Rachel works with patients to fulfill their goals and return to optimal function.

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