Acupuncture is helpful with many health issues. If you haven’t tried it yet because you are nervous about needles, the skill level of the practitioner or understand how it can help your situation, keep reading. Below is information on how to make sure your acupuncture physician is a good fit for you and your health plan.

Anxiety about the needles?

Acupuncture is not supposed to hurt. Hair thin needles are used and you may experience a sensation like an ache, warming feeling or slight tingling. If it continues to have a heavy sensation the needle is adjusted or removed. You don’t have to feel the needles in order for them to work. Talk with the practitioner and let them know what would make you feel most comfortable. Some people do not like to look at the needles while others like to see exactly what is going on.

Pick your Acupuncture Physician carefully

The first thing is to identify your specific health needs and goals. Once you have these in mind, find an Acupuncture Physician who has the proper training and credentials in these areas. Having trust in your health care provider is necessary for a positive experience in treatment. If you are looking for acupuncture to help you recover from surgery then its best to find a practitioner who has specialized in orthopedic acupuncture. It is important to ask about advanced training and specialties. While all acupuncturists learn about fertility treatments, it may not be their specialty and when needing this kind of support you need a practitioner who specializes in it. For certification as an Acupuncturist, Florida requires formal training which includes a 3-4 year Master’s Program in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine from an accredited school. In addition, to practice you must pass 4 board exams and maintain your license with continuing education every 2 years.

Ask your Acupuncture Physician Questions

All of your questions are important. Find out what happens during the first treatment and then during follow ups. Ask the Acupuncture Physician how they can help your personal situation. It’s always good to hear how frequently you need to come for treatments. Frequency and length of treatment depends on your health goals. Sometimes it takes some time to see all your health concerns disappear, but it is definitely worth the investment.

Acupuncture can work. Conquer your fears and get a clear understanding of how you would like acupuncture to help you. Then find the best fit of an Acupuncture Physician for your health goals!

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