Oftentimes, early conversation between people we meet is about our professions. When I explain that I am a pelvic health therapist, usually the response is a blank stare or a look of confusion. Even though pelvic health PT has been practiced for decades, it is still fairly unknown by the general public.

The following list is meant to shed some light on what pelvic physical therapy is and our approach at GWP Physical Therapy.

What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?

Pelvic health physical therapy focuses on issues related to the core of the body. This includes structures connected to the bony pelvis (lumbar spine, sacrum, SI joint, and tailbone). All of the vital functions that occur in the abdominopelvic region, such as digestion and sexual health, are addressed with this type of therapy.

A pelvic health Physical Therapist has advanced training in bowel/ bladder health, pregnancy and postpartum issues, sexual health, and orthopedics.

10 Things to know about Pelvic Health PT at GWP Physical Therapy

  1. Physical Therapists are musculoskeletal experts. Some therapists specialize in treating certain areas of the body and we focus on treating any problems that are related to the pelvic region.
  2. Our therapists have taken extensive continuing education to learn about the anatomy and function of this region. Most of this information is not part of a typical physical therapy education.
  3. Since so many vital functions of the body occur in this region, all of it is relevant to pelvic health. We will evaluate all the important areas of function in this region including issues with bladder, bowel, pain, and sexual health.
  4. Even though the focus is on the pelvic region, we look at the entire person and how it relates to their pelvic health function. We believe in a holistic approach to your care.
  5. This type of therapy is appropriate for anyone with a pelvis. Therefore, women and men who have any complaints in the pelvic region are good candidates for therapy. We treat adolescents and adults across the life span.
  6. A portion of treatment does involve an internal exam to evaluate the pelvic floor muscles and other musculoskeletal structure to determine how it relates to your situation. This internal exam is performed in a respectful manner in a safe, supportive environment and you are informed every step along the way.
  7. The most common things we treat are pelvic pain, urinary symptoms, gut and bowel health, orthopedic pelvic pain (this can include the SI/ low back region), sexual dysfunction, pregnancy and post-partum care, core and pelvic floor issue, and male pelvic health.
  8. The interventions we use are more than just teaching pelvic floor exercises. We use a combination of manual therapy, exercise, education, and self-care tools to assist you in reaching your goals.
  9. We create an individual treatment plan designed for each patient based on their complaints and how our objective findings relate to that. Our patients are one on one with the therapist for 90 minutes for an evaluation and 60 minutes for regular treatment sessions.
  10. We are passionate about getting you back to whatever you enjoy doing or what area you feel limited in. Whether it’s cross fit, running, taking care of your children, having a good quality sex life, or not worrying about urinary leakage. We consider it a privilege for you to trust us in this private and personal area of function and will treat you with the respect you deserve.

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