If you experience pain during exercise or are recovering from any type of injury, you are likely to be a good candidate for physical therapy. While many believe physical therapy is only for severe pain, it is often used to treat minor issues from getting worse, or even prevent injury from happening in the first place. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, therapy enables the patient to “prevent impairments of body functions and structures, optimize overall health and enhance fitness and well-being.” And the good news is all 50 states allow you to visit a therapist without a doctor’s referral.


Florida is blessed with year-round great weather, so the opportunities to work out outside are abundant. What’s more, the current pandemic scare has caused many people to refocus their efforts on health and wellness. But what if going for a run or walk in the neighborhood is uncomfortable? Even localized problems like plantar fasciitis, hip or ankle pain can be persistent enough to discourage you from exercising. Over-the-counter painkillers are probably not a good long-term solution either. It may be time to look for the underlying cause so you can enjoy your workouts again.


If you’re embarking on a major challenge like running a 5K after a period of inactivity, making an appointment with a certified physical therapist might be a good idea. Going from 0-100 in a short period of time can cause major discomfort and even injury. To prevent aches and pains, contact your physical therapist for an evaluation to ensure you reach your destination safely.


Clichés like “I’m not getting any younger” or “I am not as strong as I used to be” exist because people assume that aging always equals aches and pains or a decrease in fitness. But as these athletes have shown, you can reach (and surpass) your health goals in any season of life – as long as you do it gradually and safely with the help of trained professionals.

Certainly, being young doesn’t automatically mean no pain. Fitness aficionados, runners and athletes of all ages deal with pain and sometimes injury. Teenagers, while very resilient, are not immune to getting hurt either. It could happen on a trampoline, the skate park or playing basketball. In addition, carrying excess body weight can increase the risk of lower extremity pain or injury in youth. For this reason, physical therapy can be a smart addition to a custom wellness program that includes nutrition and exercise.


Consider making an appointment with a certified physical therapist if you:

  • Suffer from persistent discomfort or a health condition that impair exercise
  • Are dealing with postural or balance problems
  • Are recovering from a past injury and want to return to your old workouts safely
  • Want to rely less on medications to get through post-workout pain
  • Aim to take your fitness level from 0-100 in a quick time frame
  • Have made a long-term commitment to becoming your best self


When one area hurts, it often affects other parts of the body – directly or indirectly. If your shoulder is bothering you, over time it could lead you to shift your posture, avoid certain motions, and increase overall stiffness and soreness. Whether they focus on orthopedics or pelvic floor issues, certified physical therapists go beyond treating just one specific area. Their extensive training in anatomy, physiology, and body mechanics allows them to see the body as a whole, not just the sum of its parts – and design a program tailored to your needs.