The fitness industry is constantly bombarding our life with hacks, magic pills and 30-day programs. These short cuts can also appear as one size fits all exercise routines and fad diets. The result is pressure to achieve a lifestyle that has nothing to do with what really matters to you. Has anybody even asked what really matters to you? Let us help.

By definition, wellness is an actively pursued state of being in good health. But wellness is more than physical. It’s mental, emotional and social as well. Performance, on the other hand, is the action of carrying out or accomplishing an action or task. Here is how we help clients achieve wellness and performance for the long term.


The most important person in a coaching relationship is the client. That means you. You have goals and dreams. You have priorities. Your life outside of fitness places high demands on you. Our goal is to discover what really matters to you. Our job is to help you accomplish your goals. Asking and listening to you is the first step. Who do you want to be? What do you want to be known for? What matters most to you right now? What is the destination you seek? Then, together, we create a plan of action to achieve your results. YOU are the ship captain. We are your navigator. We help you get to your destination faster, sometimes even changing course if needed when your goals shift.


What are shiny objects? Ah, the smoke and mirrors of the fitness industry. They are the things that catch your eye, like quick fix exercise programs, exotic supplements (snake oils) and diet fads. The internet makes it impossible for you to escape them. In the 90’s it was fat-free diets, Buns of Steel and Step Aerobics. Now it’s Keto Diets, HIIT training or sleep hacks. Next year it will be something new. It’s a vicious cycle to keep you motivated comparable to Get Rich Quick plans. They catch your attention but the results quickly fade. What will not fade is something more sustainable that we call The Big Rocks.


The Big Rocks are what should be prioritized first and serve as the foundation of wellness and performance. If you wanted to fill a jar with rocks and sand, how would you do it? First, you’d place the big rocks in the bottom, then you’d fill up the empty spaces with the sand. Well your foundation is your big rocks. The sand is the distraction or stuff that doesn’t matter as much. What are these so-called big rocks? Although ours aren’t laced with marketable catch phrases, they are simple and effective.

  1. Plenty of nutrient dense food
  2. Consistent activity and exercise
  3. Restorative sleep and stress management

We help you master the simple basics, for these are what will make the biggest difference in your life. Nothing fancy, just building consistency with the basics. Just because the big rocks are simple to understand doesn’t mean they are easy to do, especially in the beginning. Which is why we teach you, step-by-step, the skills necessary to do these basic practices. Then we practice them, over and over until they become second nature. Habitual. One-by-one. Step-by-step.


A good nutrition program doesn’t just help you lose weight. It also improves your health and performance. Most diets help people lose weight at the expense of well-being and energy levels. Not here. With us, you will learn how to eat in a way that feels good, in accordance to your preferences, lifestyle and culture. Vegetarian? No problem. Omnivore? We got you. There is no perfect way of eating. We are all different, with different bodies, wants and needs. Will your body composition improve? Yes. But so will energy, sleep and stress levels! You can fall back in love with food while being energized more than you ever have.


Do you want to get strong? Have better balance? Possess more energy? Or train for performance? We have you covered. We help our clients master the movement of their body. We all have different patterns, restrictions and needs. While some of our exercise needs may be the same, many are different. Training with us, you will not only get in great shape, but your aches and pains will go away as well. You will build muscle and strength while losing body fat and have fun doing it. But the best part is the mental aspect. Exercise makes your brain happy! Research has proven this over and over. You will feel happier than you ever have.

No gym? No problem. We frequent these areas around Gainesville. What’s there to lose if you can move and ponder Mother Nature at the same time?


Sweetwater Preserve West Trail
San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park
La Chua Trail
Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail
Sweetwater Loop
Depot Park
Gainesville 6th Street Rail Trail
Florida Field Stadium


The last big rock is sleep and stress management. It’s very much connected to exercise and nutrition because when we improve one area, the other two areas almost always improve as well. But sometimes you need extra help getting better sleep or dealing with this fast paced, stressful world. If we aren’t recovering well, life can be hard. We work with our clients to find out what is holding them back, and then we give them the tools to turn things around. When this happens, stress levels come way down, the body looks and feels better and life becomes your oyster again.


Information is useless unless there is application. It doesn’t matter how perfect your plan is. What matters is that you start to take some action. What does wellness and performance mean to you? Living a long life? Leaning up a bit? Having more energy for your kids or grandkids? A faster time? There are no wrong answers here. Let us help you build your foundation and take your wellness and performance to the next level.