Is pain stopping you from performing? Pain stops even the strongest of us right in our tracks. Almost every athlete experiences injury at some point. Some injuries are minor and result in a gradual decline in performance. Others are major and keep you from the field of play. But ALL injuries are frustrating!

When it happens, where do you start? How do you progress from being in pain to performing again? What tools do you need to come back strong? As an athlete, it’s important you rehabilitate the right way with the right professional. Here’s how physical therapy can help you return to sport.


Recovery from injury starts with getting clear on what is going on. First, make an appointment with a doctor of physical therapy for an orthopedic evaluation. During this appointment, your therapist will identify what is generating your pain and then discover what other factors are keeping you from healing and performing at your best.

A common example is shoulder pain while pitching a baseball. Instability in the shoulder joint can cause the muscles around the shoulder to become tight and/or inflamed (rotator cuff pain). The result is shoulder pain and a decline in performance.

First, a physical therapist will identify and calm down the overactive muscles and then teach you how to stabilize the injured shoulder. This keeps the muscles of your shoulder balanced, healthy and feeling good.

Then, the therapist will look for what underlying mechanics are causing your shoulder instability. Oftentimes, with pitching, limited mobility and muscular control can place excess force on the shoulder. In this case, working to retrain the technique issue will greatly reduce the chances that the symptoms return.

Armed with your new stable shoulder and more efficient motion, your physical therapist will now create a safe and progressive timeline for a return to sport. This includes sport specific endurance, strength, power and speed work. In the end, you will be back on the field, performing at your very best!



An 18 year old baseball player committed to a D1 school for the fall presented with hip and groin pain which was exacerbated with hitting and running. Upon evaluation, the patient presented a positive labrum test. We sent the athlete for imaging due to a possible labral tear and cam impingement. After reviewing the imaging with his physician, the patient decided that surgery would be the best option.

Our physical therapist recommended a surgeon at the Andrews Institute and the patient underwent surgery with no complications. Immediately after surgery, our physical therapists initiated core and pelvic stabilization. This gave the hip time to heal and created a stable base for the hip/leg to move upon.

We continued to strengthen the athlete’s hip according to specific surgical protocols. Once the surgeon cleared the patient for a return to sport activity, a sport specific strengthening program was initiated. The patient was now able to safely perform foundational baseball drills.

Under the guidance of our physical therapist, the patient was able to start a return to hitting protocol. By balancing on-and-off field work, the patient rebuilt his performance and returned to the sport he loved.

Here is How we can Help

At Gainesville Wellness and Performance, our physical therapy team will help you identify the how, what and when of rehabilitation. No matter what sport you are involved in, our team is armed and ready to help you get back to competing and having fun.

Our physical therapists have the skills to

  • Address the source of your pain
  • Find the underlying cause of your pain
  • Rebuild you so pain doesn't return
  • Place you on a path to come back stronger than ever

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