When you have pain in your muscles and joints, where should you go for help? When your body doesn’t move like you feel it should or if you have issues balancing or walking, who do you go to for assistance? Physical therapy is used to help treat and rehabilitate everyone from professional athletes to your next door neighbor. Physical therapists specialize in eldercare to pediatrics and everything in between. If you’re unsure of what physical therapy is and don’t know where to begin, here’s what you need to know.

Physical Therapy: a Definition

Physical therapy is a medical treatment to help heal physical injuries or to manage the symptoms of physical illnesses that interfere with the movement of your body. Just as you would be prescribed medications like antibiotics or blood pressure meds to keep you healthy on the inside, you can be prescribed physical therapy to help your joints, muscles and bones become stronger and move without pain.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is applicable to almost everyone in almost every situation. It can be used to help improve your mobility after breaking your leg in a car accident. It can help strengthen your body before an upcoming surgery or help you recover from a recent one. It can aid you in recovering motor skills after a brain injury such as a stroke or ease the pain and muscle sensitivity from chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia. In other words, PT can help almost everyone, including you!

Who Provides Physical Therapy

Your family doctor or specialist might prescribe you physical therapy, but they’re not going to be the ones overseeing it. Instead, the job falls to a physical therapist, a medical professional that has the specialized knowledge necessary to strengthen and rehabilitate you according to your specific needs. Physical therapists are doctors who need to go through a rigorous training program of at least three years in addition to their other schooling before they’re permitted to practice. This makes them the undisputed expert in what your body needs to become stronger and more efficient. If you’re working with a physical therapist, you are in good hands!

The One-on-One Patient Care Difference

At Gainesville Wellness and Performance we will be with you at every step along your path to recovery. All treatments you receive will be provided by a licensed therapist. This means one-on-one, individualized care. From regaining strength after surgery to fixing that old annoying injury, our team will ensure that you have the most efficient recovery possible. At GWP we restore pain free movement to help improve the quality of your life. Call us today to set a path towards your success.