We get it — it’s hard to keep healthy right now. Many of us are stuck working from home and some caring for kids while the COVID-19 pandemic grinds everything else to a halt. During these times, it’s more important than ever to ensure you keep active while at home. Here are a few great steps you can take to keep yourself fit and flexible while you’re sitting in your office chair.

Set a Schedule

First things first, you need to set up an exercise schedule for yourself. This offers a number of advantages, the most obvious being that keeping a schedule makes it easier to get exercise done in the first place! There are other benefits too, including making sure you’re not sitting at your desk for too long. You need to get up and stretch your legs at least once an hour for optimal health. Scheduling some exercise during that once-an-hour break can help keep you healthy and strong.

Movement is Medicine

The benefits of warming up your muscles before physical activity are well established. While it’s important to warm up your body before doing exercise at home, taking movement breaks while working can keep you focused and strong for the whole day. Simple things like standing up and walking around once an hour prevents muscles from getting too stiff or even painful from maintaining the same position for too long.

Body Weight Exercises Are Perfect

You don’t have to run to the garage every hour and start lifting weights. You also don’t have to pull out the treadmill from under your bed and set it up for a run. The key here is to incorporate easy-to-do-exercises that don’t disrupt your workday too much. Simple movements like swinging your arms and legs, going from a sitting position to a standing position over and over (i.e., squatting), push-ups or reaching your arms overhead are great.

Fresh Air Won't Kill You

Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. It’s effective at getting your heart rate up and your muscles moving, and it’s lower-impact than running or jogging. Even a brisk walk around the block or up and down the hall can be enough to leave you feeling revitalized and ready to get back to work.

Weight Training? Why Not?

Tired of sit-ups and ab crunches? Feel free to improvise with adding some weight training into your workout regime. If you don’t have free weights available to you but are still looking for a burn, you can use something as simple as plastic water jugs. They even come with a convenient handle to grip while lifting. To make up for the lighter weight you are using, try slowing the tempo down of the reps to make your muscles work more. Improvise, adapt and overcome your way to better health while working from home!

Active Exercise On the Job

Another fantastic option for getting in daily movement is doing it while you work. Setting up your laptop on a counter and standing while typing will force you to move around and work in different positions. Switching out your chair with an exercise ball, for short periods of time, will force you to actively maintain your balance and posture, effectively engaging your core muscles. Try setting up your work environment to allow for variability and enjoy the benefits!

The Final Word on Staying Fit While Working From Home

Working from home has plenty of benefits. You can often choose when and how you complete assignments, including sitting at the computer in your pajamas if you want. This flexibility makes working from home ideal for squeezing in plenty of exercise whenever you get tired of staring at your laptop. Get up, move around, and get that blood pumping so you can look and feel your best!